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February 04 2018

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December 08 2017

Untitled (http://alper.nl/img/screenshots/screencast_2017-12-08_09-10-48.mp4)

@simonw I had to get back to my computer to see if Monosnap also supports this workflow (and it does).

December 07 2017


Mike is one of the best technologists I know and you should hire him if you want to create something new and intere…

December 06 2017


@obk Ik kan je standups niet op de site bekijken? Noem je dit?


@j_postma Het objectivisme heeft geen kinderen. Ursula K. Le Guin daarentegen drie.


@genmon Once they deplete the grid they will start adding solar panels and after they’ve run out of hash space we’l…

December 05 2017


@Poliauwei @TspLeute @DHLPaket Die laden auch mal falschgeparkt auf der Strasse um.

December 04 2017

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